Vol. 33 (2020)
Issue Description

Superficies y Vacío

Superficies y Vacío arose back in 1989, on the initiative of the then called Sociedad Mexicana de Ciencia de Superficies y Vacío (SMCSyV). The first two volumes were edited by Dr. Jorge Rickards, Dr. Isaac Hernández-Calderón and Dr. Jose Manuel Domínguez. For the third volume, Dr. Jorge Rickards was substituted by Dr. Víctor Castaño. Then Dr. Isaac Hernández Calderon kept in the editorial work of the journal up to the volume 8 in 1999; with the collaboration of Dr. René Asomoza for volume 6 (1996) and Drs. Miguel Meléndez Lira and Máximo López López in volume 8. During that period, the publication of Superficies y Vacío was irregular. Starting with volumes 8 and 9, the periodicity was established at two volumes per year; semestral. Then, in volume 16, periodicity was switched to one volume per year, consisting of four issues; trimestral, which is the current term. From volume 9 to volume 24(3), Superficies y Vacío was co-edited by Dr. Miguel Meléndez Lira and Dr. Máximo López López; with a supplement issue in volume 23, whose invited editors were Dr. Ernesto Chigo Anota, Dr. Heriberto Hernández Cocoletzi, Dr. Efraín Rubio Rosas and Dr. Enrique Vigueras Santiago. From volume 24(4) to 26(2), edited by Dr. Miguel Meléndez Lira alone. And from then up to date, by Dr. Miguel Meléndez Lira and Dr. Miguel Ángel Santana Aranda.

Research Papers

Eduardo Carlos Martínez-Zuñiga, Nayely Torres-Gómez, Marco Antonio Camacho-López, Gustavo López-Téllez, Alfredo Rafael Vilchis-Nestor
Development of a flexible and active substrate for SERS based on nanostructures of noble metals (Au and Ag)/polystyrene
PDF (Español (España))
Romeo Hernández-Morales, José G. Pacheco Sosa, José Escobar Aguilar, J. G. Torres Torres, H. Pérez Vidal, M. A. Lunagómez Rocha, D. de la Cruz Romero, María C. Barrera
Pt/Ga-SBA-15 composites synthesis and characterization