Estudio espectroscópico y morfología de vidrios de vanadato y wollastonita-2m
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García Amaya, I. V., Paz Moreno, F. A., Alvarado Rivera, J., Acosta Enríquez, M. C., Zayas, M. E., Gamez Corrales, R., Manzanares Martínez, M. B., Álvarez Montaño, V. E., & Lozada, R. (2014). Estudio espectroscópico y morfología de vidrios de vanadato y wollastonita-2m. Superficies Y Vacío, 27(4), 116. Retrieved from


Wollastonite from Encarnación Villa Juárez deposit located in Hidalgo, Mexico was used as raw material to fabricate glass using V2O5 as former oxide. Powder fusion at 1350°C was carried out for glass fabrication. The obtained glasses were of amber, gray and black color; the most transparent glasses are those with a composition of 60 to 65% wt. of V2O5 and 40 to 35 % wt. of wollastonite. XRD patterns of the samples show the presence of wollastonite-2M and the VO2 orthorhombic crystalline phase. FT-IR and Raman spectroscopies revealed the formation of metavanadates and pirovanadates groups. In addition, drop of phase separation caused by liquid-liquid immiscibility was observed by scanning electron microscopy imaging. XPS analysis was carried out to analyze vanadium oxidation state and bonding and non-bonding oxygen estimation. The curve fitting of the high resolution spectra of the V 2p3/2 peak showed the presence of V4+ and V5+ vanadium oxidation states for all glasses.
PDF (Español (España))


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