Structural and optical properties of a new soluble erbium (III) octa-substituted bis-phthalocyaninecomplex


Soluble phthalocyanines
X-ray diffraction

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Luna López, J. A., Sosa Sánchez, J. L., Granillo Martínez, S., Carrillo López, J., Flores Gracia, J. F., & Martínez Juárez, J. (2014). Structural and optical properties of a new soluble erbium (III) octa-substituted bis-phthalocyaninecomplex. Superficies Y Vacío, 27(4), 110. Retrieved from


In this study a sandwich-type octa-substituted Erbium (III) bis-phthalocyanine compound of increased solubility was synthetized from a metal free phthalocyanine with the same substitution pattern using strictly dry reaction conditions. Then the pure product obtained from a chromatographic purification method was deposited as thin films by spin coating onto glass substrates to investigate its structural and optical properties. The UV-Vis spectrum shows the intense characteristic peaks of this kind of phthalocyanine compounds, particularly in the range from 560 to 630 nm. The chemical nature of the thin film material was corroborated through x-ray diffraction analysis and IR spectroscopy. Photoluminescence emission was observed for the films in the visible range.