Relationship analysis of surface roughness measurements on coatings using AFM and fractal dimension by mesoscopic model methods
Topography and roughness in n = 1, and n = 40 coatings deposited by RF-magnetron sputtering.


sputter films
mesoscopic model
surface characterization
solid-solid sistems

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González-Hernández, A., Suárez-Domínguez, E. J., Izquierdo-Kulich, E., & Morales-Cepeda, A. B. (2023). Relationship analysis of surface roughness measurements on coatings using AFM and fractal dimension by mesoscopic model methods. Superficies Y Vacío, 36, 230501.


Surface coating is a method used for protection against corrosion and environmental impact for metals. In the case of solid surfaces, coatings can be achieved by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering or other corrosion-resistant substances, which may involve the deposition of one or more layers, depending on the procedure involved, modifying the morphology of the surface and surface area. This work aims to study the relationship of two surface morphological methods through roughness and fractal dimension measurements in top-surface coatings, bilayer Ti/WTiN/WTiC (named as n = 1); multilayer [Ti/WTiN/WTiC] (named as n = 40) deposited by RF-magnetron sputtering. The measurements were obtained by profilometer and image processing pixel intensity. The topography of each coating exhibited texture with impurities as domes distributed in small cluster island types. The surface roughness were 9.42 and 18.63 nm; fractal dimension measurements were 2.55 and 2.32, respectively, with a low correlation between roughness and fractal dimension. The R-squared analysis exhibited a good relationship between the fractal dimension values, tending linear regression negative. The result of factorial design 22 confirmed the performance correlation and linear regression analyses. The fractal dimension measurements by the optical method can be great potential to evaluate surface roughness complementary in applications such as laboratories and even in scale industrial. Thus the result of statistical treatment shows high accuracy in the measurements.


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