Intercalation of p-toluenesulfonic acid into Mg-Al layered double hydroxide
Probable orientations of the PTSA anions between the Mg-Al hydroxide layers.


Layered double hydroxide
p-toluenesulphonic acid

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Manríquez-Ramírez, M. E., Reza-San Germán, C. M., & Estrada-Flores, M. (2022). Intercalation of p-toluenesulfonic acid into Mg-Al layered double hydroxide. Superficies Y Vacío, 35, 221101.


Layered double hydroxide represents a class of materials for selective adsorption and catalysis. In the present work, anionic p-toluenesulfonic acid (PTSA) was successfully incorporated into the interlayer domain of Mg-Al layered double hydroxide (LDH), synthesized by the co-precipitation route. Materials were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, magic angle nuclear magnetic resonance (13C MAS-NMR) spectroscopy and UV-Visible diffuse reflectance (UV-VIS/DR). All samples supported PTSA intercalation at room temperature in the basal space, the interlayer distance increased by the intercalations of the above mentioned according to the arrangement of PTSA molecules in the interlayer. The LDH-PTSA structure collapsed at 400 °C and the organic portion of those materials occurred by partial combustion, which in turn gives rise to reduced species, such as carbon and sulfide anions.


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